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Dagger and scabbard - Stiletto

Dagger and scabbard - Stiletto



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Previously in the collection of F. H. Cripps-Day

Physical Description

The blade is straight, thin and double-edged, with a strong diamond section. The tip is slightly bent and there seems to be a linear pattern running down the spine of the blade. the ricasso is long and of quadrilateral section. The hand guard is discoidal and slightly concave, with a roped boarder around the edge and a floral pattern on its face. A leather guard sits between the disc guard and a pair of short straight quillons, which are quadrilateral in section and terminate in small, spirally engraved globes. The quillons are also decorated with floral engraving. Rudimentary pas d'ane loop up from the quillons towards the disc guard. The grip is of leather and is spirally ribbed. It flares outwards sharply toward the pommel, which is of steel and divided into 4 round, ribbed sections, the middle two of which are engraved with floral patterns. A simple tang button surmounts the pommel.

The scabbard is of tooled leather with an iron core, and is tubular in section. A simple spiralled pattern has been tooled onto the leather. The throat is of iron, while the rest of the locket is covered with leather. A small suspension ring protrudes from one side. The chape is of steel, with a spirally engraved globular terminus.


Etching, Engraving, Punched, Tooled


BladeLength315 mm
OverallLength335 mm
OverallLength445 mm
OverallWeight62 g

Inscriptions and Marks

NOLI ME (the N being reversed)
TANGERE (the N being reversed)


Places Spain/Europe


"NOLI ME TANGERE" is the Latin version of a phrase spoken, according to John 20:17, by Jesus to Mary Magdalene when she recognized him after his resurrection. It translates as 'touch me not'.