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Dagger guard - Left Hand Dagger Guard

Dagger guard - Left Hand Dagger Guard

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Ex Rotunda collection.

Physical Description

Quillons are long, straight and tubular, and terminate in a flattened buttons. They widen and flatten out towards the centre to form a quillon block, which has a rectangular hole in the centre to accomodate the blade. The quillons are held to the inside of the hand guard by two rivets. The hand guard itself is triangular and curves down to where the pommel of the hilt would have been. A hole in the bottom indicates where the tang would have passed through before entering the pommel. The outside edge of the hand guard is turned over, sitting at a 90 degree angle to the surface of the guard. An ovoid cartouche depicting St. Francis receiving the holy stigmata surrounded by pierced and chiselled foliage, is riveted to the middle of the hand guard. On the inside of the guard is a semi-circular/fan shaped decorative pannel of a similar floral design, with its flat edge running along the length of the quillons. This appears to have been glued on rather than riveted. The inside of the guard is painted black.


Chiselled, Piercing



OverallHeight118 mm
OverallWeight272 g
QuillonLength302 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Spain/Europe