Object Title

Dagger and scabbard - Quillon Dagger

Dagger and scabbard - Quillon Dagger



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Handed in to the Police during the 1988 police Amnesty

Physical Description

The blade is stright and double edged, with a flattened diamond section. The ricasso is short and square in section. A blank heralding shield is etched onto both faces of the ricasso. On one face of the blade is etched a floral design, while the other has a large central cartouche, containing a motto in gothic script, surrounded by floral patterns.The steel hilt consists of an octagonal-sectioned black wood grip with a ferrole towards the blade; there is a cap pommel, the surface of which is decorated with gadroons radiating round the tang; a pair of octagonal-section quillons are inclined towards the blade.

The scabbard is of brown leather, with an iron locket with a cusped lower edge. Two suspension loops protrude from the side of the locket. The chape is also of iron with a ovoid finial and a cusped top edge.





BladeLength228 mm
OverallLength240 mm
OverallLength343 mm
OverallWeight150 g
OverallWeight34 g

Inscriptions and Marks

MEIN LEBEN UND MEIN END/STEHT IN GOTTES HEND! (My life and my end/stand in God's hands)



Fraternities and brotherhoods were an important part of German society throughout the 19th and early 20th century, being central to many aspects life such as academia and universities, hunting and sports. Membership or acceptance into one of these fraternities was often marked by the presentation of a dagger such as this one.