Object Title

Right cuisse and poleyn

Right cuisse and poleyn



Object Number

II.168 G


From the armoury of Count Trapp, Schloss Churburg, no. 18, exchanged in 1957 for the German leg defences no. 23 originally on the armour.

Physical Description

The main plates are curved to the thigh, with a medial ridge and a concave upper edge with a boxed outward turn. At the outer edge is a secondary ridge, at which the side plate is attached by two originasl hinges, the upper one attached to the main plate with two rivets, the lower with one. These hinges also secure the modern straps around the thigh, and are matched by bifurcated modern straps attached each by two rivets on the inside. At the top of the main plate, attached by a rivet at either side, is a lunate upper plate whose upper edge also has a boxed outward turn. Across the top of each is a row of seven flush rivets retaining on the left fragments of the original buff leather arming tab, and on the right almost the full fitting, a semi-circular thin buff leather tab, with thick buff leather straps on the rivets at either side of the centre, sloted at the top for points Each poleyn comprises a main plate with one articulating lame above and two below, and a deep lower plate extended to a point at the centre, pierced twice on its medial ridge for a stud, and fitted with a modern strap and buckle. The main plate has a pronounced medial ridge and a large heart-shaped wing at the outside, bordered by a boxed ridge and with a medial pucker. It too is fitted with a modern strap and buckle on each. The wing of the right poleyn is broken off and mended with a riveted repair.


OverallLength502 mm
OverallWeight1.765 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on each upper plate with a split cross over three letters, possibly aZA.

Bibliographic References

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Other cuisses of this group are Mantua B1 (Boccia 1982: tav. 251-2) , the Avant armour cuisses, Glasgow '39-65e (Boccia 1982: tav. 46-9, Trapp & Mann 1929: no. 20, tav. xxii ) and the Ulrich armour at Churburg, no. 19 (Boccia 1982: tav 51, 57-8, Trapp & Mann 1929 pl. xx). Most closely comparable are those of the Galeazzo d'Arco armour, Churburg no. 21 (Trapp & Mann 1929: tav. xxiv, Boccia 1982: tav. 59, 68-9). Scalini (1996: 70) reads the mark as aZA and attributes it to the armourer Ambrogi Zapellis, who is recorded in 1470.