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Dagger - Left Hand Parrying Dagger

Dagger - Left Hand Parrying Dagger


17th century

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Physical Description

Blade is straight, broad and double edged, and of flat section with a shallow medial ridge that runs from the hilt all the way to the tip, possibly cut down from a sword blade The pommel is of ferrous metal and ovoid with ridging. It is surmounted by a tang button. The size of the pommel suggests it may have been taken from a sword. The grip is of leather bound around a wooden core, which is in turn bound with a loose brass wire. The quillons are large and S shaped, with one curving downwards, parrallell to the blade and the other curving over the knuckles of the hand. The quillons are tubular towards the quillon block, before thickening slightly and becoming quadrilateral in section and temrinating in a point. The quillon block is shaped to resemble a shell, protruding slightly over the bottom of the blade. Possibly a 19th century composite piece in the style of the 17th century.


BladeLength322 mm
OverallLength461 mm
OverallWeight615 g

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Places Europe