Object Title

Blade - seax and display board

Blade - seax and display board


10th-18th century

Object Number



Provenance uncertain. First accessioned when found (blade and board together) by the Valuation Team, un-numbered, in Lanthorn Tower store, 15 December 1988. Possibly found in St Albans and possibly formerly owned someone named Ball (see Notes).

Physical Description

Blade is small, curved, single-edged blade with a short (or shortened) tang through which is fixed a short copper alloy pin. The blade back projects slightly on both faces. In excavated condition; very corroded the cutting edge especially. Alloy pin.
Found with a light grey painted wooden display board (B) with steel pins for holding the objects in place (between three of which the knife blade appears to fit - see Notes) and a hole in the centre of the top edge for hanging. At the bottom edge is a buff coloured card label with stencilled ink lettering, originally attached by two pins (one now missing). The text reads: 'Saxon Period / Four knives and one spearhead. / from St Albans [large space] Ball'. Beneath this label is another damaged label, stuck to the board and apparently bearing the same information.



BoardHeight263 mm
BoardThickness6 mm
BoardWidth190 mm
OverallLength135 mm
OverallWeight20 g
BladeWidth (max)18.8 mm

Inscriptions and Marks