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Mail shirt

Mail shirt



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Possibly Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The neck is edged with one row of brass rings and the cuffs with nine rows of brass rings. At the lower edge of the shirt are dags of brass mail. The brass mail is all riveted with iron wedges, and of mixed round and flat section brass links. The brass links at the neck and cuffs are all embossed with a Gothic minuscule a at the rear, while those of the lower edge are not. In the left sleeve is a tamga-like mark (serif T with a cross-bar) made in brass links formed of flat wire closed by round iron rivets. There are a few other brass links scattered around the shirt. The iron links of the body of the shirt are of D section wire, the flat side outwards, riveted with iron wedges, closed with high round domes on the outside. All the mail is of 10 mm links. The lowest 250 mm of the shirt is formed of thinner, more erratic riveted mail, which may be Turkish.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length=111cm. Width=60cm (approx.) Weight: 25 lb 10 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The brass links at hems have the a Gothic script A ? struck on the back of each joint. Also on the front left shoulder are later brass links (of larger size and with out letter on back) arranged in a T shaped symbol.

Bibliographic References

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