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Flintlock breech-loading rifle - Jones Cornhill rifle

Flintlock breech-loading rifle - Jones Cornhill rifle



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

With screw-plug under-lever action and rifling of ten grooves
Barrel with a flat at the breech engraved with the name of the maker JONES-CORNHILL-LONDON. On the left side are stamped the maker's mark and the proof mark of the London Gunmaker's Company, the base of the breech being engraved with acanthus foliage. The backsight is mounted on the breech-strap.
Lock with rounded lockplate engraved Jones. The cock is a replacement.
Stock with brass mounts with the exception of the steel trigger- guard which also forms the breech-lever. Screw-plate pierced with foliage. Ramrod missing.


BarrelLength39 in.
BarrelLength991 mm


Serial Number None visible


.670 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel: GP crowned, TI beneath fleur-de-lys, V crowned, WR crowned.


Places England


Thomas Jones 4
Son of Thomas Jones 3, apprentice to father, 1746. Free of Gunmaker's Co., 1760. Gunmaker 'At the Cross Guns in Cornhill near ye Royal Exchange' (trade card of c. 1760). May have worked earlier at Fenchurch Lane, continued to use father's name noted on pistol hall-marked 1777.
Compare No XII.257.