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Knuckle plate

Knuckle plate



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Purchased 19 July 1988. The donor had purchased it in 1988 from a 'mudlark' who had recently obtained it from the foreshore of the river Thames. It came from the north side of the river probably at Wapping.

Physical Description

It is of rectangular form, curved to the finger, and embossed at its centre with a high, six-sided pyramidial point. To either side of th epoint is a small rivet-hole for attaching the plate to its leather. Made of latten, decorated with 'wriggled' engraving. A single, straight line is engraved along the top and bottom edges, while a double line of chevron form is engraved at each side. A rosette is engraved around teh central point. The decoration is roughly hatched in parts.


Dimensions: height 18 mm, width 21 mm Weight: 2.8 g

Inscriptions and Marks




III.2744-5 and III.4330-4 are from gauntlets of a similar date, and have the same provenance.