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Thumb scale

Thumb scale



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Purchased 17 February 1988, with III.2744. From the River Thames at Wapping, 1987. Found my Mr. David Morgan

Physical Description

It is rectangular, of curved section and embossed with a high central point. The edges are plain, and those at the front and rear are bordered by deep, single incised lines. At either side is a small flush rivet with a circular internal head, for attachment to the leather. At one side the edge is broken through to a corroded hole by the embossed point. The scale is in excavated condition, with a layer of greenish concretion inside which may be the remains of lining.


Dimensions: 29 mm x 23 mm (1.1 in. x 0.9 in.) Weight: About 2g

Inscriptions and Marks




III.4330-4, presented by Derek Spalding Esq, are stated to have been found together with Inv. Nos. III.2744-5. Since they include unfinished plates, it is possible that they were cast out of an armourer's workshop. III.2757, from the same source, possibly forms part of the same group, as does an unfinished latten knuckle plate in the collection of Ian Eaves Esq. Stated to have been found in the Thames 'near the Tower'.