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Knife - Mediterranean Dirk

Knife - Mediterranean Dirk



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Purchased at Sotheby's 1982, lot 291

Physical Description

The handle consists of a tubular iron pommel-cap, and a ferrule at the end of the grip nearer the blade, both crudley incised with foliage, and a spirally twisted ivory grip punched with small dots in circles, and spirally bound with a coarse wire decorated with crosses in relief and flanked by silver twist. A single quillon protrudes from the proper right of the knife, in the form of a beasts head and sprouting from a flattened, spherical quillon block. The ricasso is of unusal form, resembling an infinity simble or figure 8 on its side, folded from one piece of steel. The blade is straight, double edged for two thirds of its overall length and of varying section. The forte section is of a half-kite section, being four sided. The final two/thirds, being double edged, is of triangular section. One face of the blade is completely flat throughout its length. the double edged section of the blade is slightly hollow-ground on both faces.


Punched, Forged, hand made


BladeLength149 mm
OverallLength250 mm
OverallWeight128 g

Inscriptions and Marks

faint evidence of an engraved decorative motif
forte of blade