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Dagger - Quillon Dagger

Dagger - Quillon Dagger



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The blade is probably from an 18th century small sword, while the hilt is probably from a light sword. A very similar dagger can be found with hilt from the same workshop, was in the Wm. Meyrick Collection in 1861 No.65

Physical Description

Hilt about 1650 and blade 18th century.
Blade is of triangular, slightly hollow-ground sectioin and double edged, tapering to a point. Possibly from an 18th century small sword. The wooden grip is barrel shaped, with a copper-alloy wire turks-head at the top and bottom. There is an impression left in the wood of the girp suggesting it was once bound with a cord or wire grip The rounded pommel is encrusted with a silvered floral design, which matches that on the quillons. There is a slight dip around the tang button. The quillons themselves are flattened and lobate in shape, curving down towards the blade and bending slightly outwards towards the knuckle of the hand. On both sides of the central quillon block is a bust wearing a laurel wreath and silver encrusted foliage. There is a red leather washer at the base of the blade, against the quillon block.




BladeLength208 mm
OverallLength342 mm
OverallWeight266 g

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Bibliographic References

[A.] L. Thompson, Daggers and Bayonets. A History, Spellmount, Staplehurst, 1999, p. 34 (illus., right) - 'N. European, hilt late 17th C., blade 18th C.'.