Object Title

9 pr gun and trailer - 9 pr RML

9 pr gun and trailer - 9 pr RML



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Royal Pioneer Corps,Simpson Barracks. Loan 18. Date of loan 19th September 1961. Returned from loan to the Royal Logistics Corps Grantham Glocestershire Summer 1995

Physical Description

Brass, rifled muzzle loading, 9 pr. cannon. The barrel with a front sight. The breech with a crowned garter encircling a VR cypher very worn. There is a copper vent. The barrel shows some sign of wear. The cascabel is pierced and secured to the trail by an iron bracket. The barrel is mounted on a grey painted wooden carriage with two wheels each of twelve spokes. Some of the wheels are repaired with fibreglass. Number of grooves in barrel is three


Dimensions: Length of barrel: 71.5 in


Serial Number None visible


3 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Beneath the VR cypher are the numbers 7.3.1. The right trunnion is marked 08 and X31/1134. The right trunnion is marked RF /No 108/I/1870


Places Britain