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13 Arrows

13 Arrows



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Found in the Broad Arrow Tower 11/12/1989

Physical Description

A set of 13 arrows with assorted heads. The shafts are of bamboo with wooden nocks. The area from the nock to below the fletchings being mainly gold with small flowers in red and green. There is a narrow band of green painted with gold flowers below the nock and at the end of the decorated section. There are three low fletchings of dark coloured feathers. The heads vary:
Three have small triangular shaped heads with square notches at the outer corners.
two have square sectioned triangular heads.
three arrows have small triangular heads with central flats.
Four arrows have triangular sectioned heads.


Dimensions: The length of the arrows is 733 mm, the length of the hedas is 36 mm, and the fletchings 150 mm. Weight: The weight of the arrows is 0.26 kg.

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Places India