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Found in the Broad Arrow Tower 11/12/1989

Physical Description

All of the arrows have bamboo shafts fitted with painted ivory nocks. Seven arrows have black painted nocks with white spots (A,B,C,D,E,F,AG) 15 have red nocks with white spots (G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U 14 have green nocks with white spots (V,W,X,Y,Z,AA,AB,AC,AD,AE,AF,AH,AI,AK,AJ) the remainder with unpainted nocks (AL,AM,AN,AO,AP,AQ,AR,AS,AT). The region below the nock is gilded, divided by horizontal bands in black and painted with plants having pink flowers. The heads are varied in shape from simple triangular ones to long heavy bodkin shaped ones. The sockets of the heads are all decorated with horizontal bands of inlaid black material, possibly niello, in discs, triangles or zig-zags. Most of the arrows have the fletchings cropped very close to the shaft, but nine have the barbs of the feathers left full length for about 1 cm at the front. One arrow,U, with a red nock (broken) has never had fletchings, has only notional decoration and is fitted with a small octagonal head. One (XXVIB.57 F) identified with concentric corrosion, February 2005.


Dimensions: The length of the shafts are 680 mm, their diameters are approximately 6.8 mm and the heads vary from 35 mm to 100 mm. Weight: The weights of arrows varies from 0.02 kg to 0.06 kg depending upon the type of head.

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Places India


This group consists of 4 sets with similar decoration;
A-F Black nocks with white spots
G-U Red nocks with white spots
V-AJ Green nocks with white spots
AK-AT White nocks
There seems to be no correlation between the colour of the nocks, the type of fletchings and the type of head.