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Found in the Broad Arrow Tower 11/12/1989

Physical Description

There are 11 arrows in the set. The barelled shafts are of wood with the region below the rounded nock narrowed. The entire shaft is painted with bands, stars arabesques and intertwining foliage on a brick red or dark green gound. All of the points of the set are missing but they have been tanged. In the region where the fletchings would normally be, the shaft is painted black and there is a painted binding at the lower end from which some arrows show the barbs of dark green iridescent feathers. It would appear that these arrows were not fletched in the usual way but had a fringe of small feathers around the shaft.


Dimensions: The overall length of an arrow is 805 mm. Weight: The weight of a shaft is 0.04 kg.

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Places Sri Lanka


These interesting arrows are of very high quality and the method of fletching suggests they may have been made for short range shooting. In 'The Journal of the Archery- Antiquarian' Volume 41, 1998 p. 57, by Wolfgang Bartl, arrows with similar nocks but conventional fletchings are illustrated. There are two longbows with very similar decoration in the Gulbenkian Museum in Durham, another in the stock of Ashoka Arts, 2011, another sold Thomas Del Mar, 7 December 2011, lot 35, now XXVIB.35.