Object Title

6 assorted Arrows

6 assorted Arrows



Object Number



Found in the Broad Arrow Tower 11/12/1989

Physical Description

a & b. Two of the arrows are of crude irregular twigs, footed with a heavier wood and fastened together with a binding. They have tiny nocks cut in one end. One retains a triangular barbed head retained in a split in the shaft by a string binding. There is a dark paint below the nocks and covering the footing.
c. A single barrelled wooden shaft with a conical deep nock painted white and a spiral binding above the missing head. The fletchings are missing. This may have been a flight arrow. It is stamped MA 7194.
d. A single Indian arrow with an ivory nock and gold flower decorated shaft. The three fletchings have the lower barbs left uncut. The head is quadrangular with cut-outs at the corners.
e. An Indian arrow with a wooden nock and three fletchings but without painted decoration. The head is small and quadrangular.
f. A Turkish or Persian flight arrow of wood. the barrelled shaft tapers to a tiny conical head. The nock is small and contracted, painted green and gold. Between the white fletchings the shaft is red and gold.


Part CWeight0.012 kg
Part FWeight0.014 kg
Part AWeight0.026 kg
Part EWeight0.026 kg
Part DWeight0.034 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

One arrow marked MA 7194


Places India


F. is a particularly fine flight arrow.