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Presented by the Sussex Archaeological Society 3 May 1978

Physical Description

Tiller of wood with downward extension just forward of release acting as a left hand grip decorated on each side with an inlaid brass fleur-de-lys and with on the undreside a diamond shaped brass plate engraved A. WALLEE. Brass bolt guard. Wooden nut, probably not the original, the tiller reinforced on either side with decorative brass plates, from the rear of which spring the lugs for the bending lever. To rear of nut is a peepsight of pierced ovoidal form, now broken off and tied to the string.
To the rear of this, set in the same brass plate is a safety trigger which has to be cocked before the proper trigger mechanism can be operated. Adjustable double set trigger set within brass scroll trigger guard of 'Schutzen' form. Brass end cap to tiller follows the rectangular lines of the wood. At the fore-end a decorative but impractical iron stirrup.
Heavy steel bow, the back and belly slightly rounded, attached to the tilller by iron bridles. String original, some of binding missing.


Dimensions: Overall length: 920 mm (36.25 in), bow length: 800 mm (31.50 in)


Places France