Object Title

Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle - Baker Rifle

Flintlock muzzle-loading military rifle - Baker Rifle



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Old Tower Collections. Formerly on loan to Scottish United Services Museum. Loan 159. Returned 5th June 1992.

Physical Description

Plain lock with swan-necked cock. Fully stocked with slides to retain the barrel , the left side of the butt shaped as a cheek rest. The brass furniture consists of a buttplate, escutchion plate on the small, shaped trigger guard, two ramrod pipes and a fore-end cap. The bright barrel has fixed block backsight and a brass ramp fore-sight. There is a bayonet bar on the right side of the muzzle. Seven groove rifling. Bright steel ramrod with large button end


BarrelLength30.2 inches
BarrelLength767 mm
OverallLength1157 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.65 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Engraved on the lock: BLAIR AND SUTHERLANDS, crown over 3, B&S Stamped under butt: R.Y.NUIR.Engraved on butt tang: Bover 3, A.R.Engraved on barrel: crown over 4, crown over crossed scepters (twice)


Places Britain


This weapon does not have a patch box which one would expect of a Baker rifle.