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Flintlock musket (rasak)

Flintlock musket (rasak)



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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1928.

Physical Description


The lock has a swan necked cock of rectangular section with bevelled edges, scrolling projections at the front and rear, and broad, rounded jaws.The lockplate is flat with simple lines filed across the tail and bevelled edges. There are no bridles, either for the frizzen or the tumbler.


The stock is of very dark wood partially covered with sheet brass over the fore end. There are 7 capucines with traces of fine engraving on them. The rearmost capucine carries an ornate brass rear sight. The trigger guard is of crude sheet iron, as is the side plate that carries a suspension ring. The fish-tailed butt is decorated by strips and discs of heavily patinated ivory that includes two discs near the base.


Is of octagonal section throughout its length, including the slightly swollen muzzle. There are two raised rings that separate the muzzle from the rest.


Dimensions: The barrel length is 1216 mm (48.0 in), the overall length of the gun being 1518 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 3.1 kg.


17.6 mm (0.694 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

The lock plate is stamped ROSSI. Painted in white on the back face of the stock are the numbers 6 over 159. On the front face of the stock is stamped a cannon over MA over 1023.


Bibliographic References

Official Catalogue of the Museum of Artillery in the Rotunda, Woolwich, London, 1906, p.75 no. vi.159.


This gun appears to have had the entire fore end covered in thin hammered sheet brass, most of which is now missing. The torn edges of the remainder have been fastened down with small nails.