Object Title

Matchlock musket (teppo)

Matchlock musket (teppo)



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Transferred via Amnesty 1946 from COD Weedon. (Weedon being the central collection point for all Police forces), List no.422. Collected 1948.

Physical Description

The barrel is round with a top sighting flat, slightly tapered with only a small muzzle reinforce. It is fitted with a triangular section foresight, pierced with a transverse hole and a slot, and a block backsight with an inverted T slot. There are three barrel lugs and a shallow pan with brass flashguard and cover. The barrel is unsigned. The stock is of red oak, kashi, with an elongated butt, devoid of decoration other than plain brass washers around the peg holes. On the outside face of the butt is a character reading IBARA which was used by Hitachi ken. Long tapering lock with external mainspring and simple horizontal internal scear of iron. Inside the lockplate is engraved the character JU meaning protection.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 76 cm, its diameter at the breech is 2.97 cm, at the muzzle is 2.85 cm.The bore is 12.5 cm which corresponds to a 3 momme ball. The overall length of the gun is 113 cm. Weight: The weight of the barrel is 2.45 kg, the overall weight of the gun is 3.71 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped IBARA on stock and JU inside lock.


Places Japan


This is a relatively small bore gun with a heavy short barrel that was clearly meant for military use. The absence of decoration, the style of barrel and elongated grip resemble a Kanazawa gun illustrated in Sugawa's 'The Japanese Matchlock' on page 24.