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Flintlock Sporting Gun

Flintlock Sporting Gun



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The flint lock has a flat plate chiselled in low relief with scrolling foliage. The frizzen is connected to a broken spring, and the flat swan necked cock has a connecting scroll between the lower jaw and breast. The side plate is restored. There is an additional trigger in front of the lock at the right side of the stock, connected by an internal rod to the main trigger mechanism, enabling the gun to be fired with the left hand. The stock is of dark wood, with a slender butt expanding to the end, and a short fore end terminating in a brass tiger head. The stock is inlaid in silver wire with flowers and scrolling tendrils. The steel trigger guard has a long rear plate, and is attached through a brass plate at the front. The ramrod pipe is of steel, with two upper pipes of brass attached to the barrel. The pattern welded rifled barrel is of octagonal section, with a spiral twwist pattern, decorated at the breech and muzzle insilver. At the breech is an aperture sight and breech strap.


Dimensions: overall length: 149.9 cm (59.0 in), barrel length: 109.8 cm (43.3 in) Weight: The weight of the gun is 4.24 kg.


11 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

The lock plate is inlaid in gold 'sanat 1212' and with a longer inscription (see inventory file. The underside of the breech has London view and proof marks.


Bibliographic References

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Despite the London marks, the shape of the stock with its slight upward sweep, and the shape of the triggerguard is distinctly French.