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Matchlock gun (khurrole)

Matchlock gun (khurrole)



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Purchased Christies, 9 April 1863. From the Codrington collection, where it is described as coming from Hindustan.

Physical Description

The stock is of dark brown polished wood almost devoid of furniture. The stock is of oval section curving downwards from the step behind the barrel and widening slightly. It terminates in a flat staghorn buttplate screwed in place. Under the stock is a shaped iron plate, slotted for the trigger, and extending forwards under the lock region. There are no side plates but there are two small curved plates on either side of the barrel tang, that on the right slotted for the serpentine. The sides of the stock at this point are shaped as if for a flintlock in the Eurpean manner. Four iron bands secure the barrel into the stock. The barrel is round throughout, tapering sharply near the breech where there is an integral backsight, then becoming parallel and swelling again at the muzzle. There is a simple moulding near the breech and another near the muzzle inlaid with a copper band. Striations on the barrel shows the spiral welded structure. The gun retains its sling of flat braid made with a herringbone pattern in brown and white bordered with a band of blue/green, yellow and brown on either side.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 1132 mm, the overall length of the gun is 1547 mm. Weight: The gun weighs 4.25 kg.


18 mm.


Bibliographic References

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Called by Codrington a khurrole from Hindustan.