Object Title

Miquelet lock rifle (cakmakli tufek)

Miquelet lock rifle (cakmakli tufek)



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Purchased from the Corporation of leeds, 1967. From the Renkin collection (no. 503).

Physical Description

The lock is decorated with pearled bands of silver, and the frame connecting the cock-pivot and combined steel and pan cover pivot is engraved with thin scrolling foliage. The stock is of hard wood with a pronounced grain, and is inlaid with geometric patterns formed by circles of brass filled with brass pellets and green enamel or black mastic. There are inlaid ivory panels at either side of the breech, around the trigger and a trap under the butt, and two bands around the butt. The fore end is of translucent horn, and the ramrod pipe is of ivory. The butt plate is formed of a thick ivory panel. The heavy octagonal barrel is rifled and has a silver blade fore sight. It is inlaid in brass with crude foliage at the muzzle, and with a nonsensical European inscription at the breech. The trigger is a small onion-shaped button. The ramrod is of plain steel with a squashed cylindrical end.


Dimensions: overall length: 113.3 cm (43.4 in), barrel length: 78.8 cm (31.0 in) Weight: The weight of the gun is 4.65 kg.


18 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Painted 503 in white.


Places Turkey