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Flintlock sporting gun

Flintlock sporting gun



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Transferred from Weedon, 1949.

Physical Description

The lock is of European form with a swan-necked cock and a sliding safety catch operating at the back of the cock. The lock plate is pointed at the front and rear in the shape of a stylised tiger stripe (bubri). The stock is slender, of dark red wood, and mounted with brass furniture including two swivels and a triggerguard formed of three tiger stripes ('bubri'). The barrel is ribbed at the breech and muzzle, with a rounded centre section. The mouldings at the breech are decorated in silver koftgari with 'bubri', inscriptions, and bands of herringbone ornament. The rounded section is decorated with five lozenge-shaped panels containing birds and foliage, with a small panel and a larger panel containing foliage at either end. A small bead foresight is fitted to the swamped muzzle.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 943 mm, the overall length being 1353 mm (58.1in)


13 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

On the breech is a Persian couplet, translated as 'The world adorning Sultan is the gun of greatness; Fath Muhammad became victorious through the agency of Haidar'. On the moulding, 'Sioyam karkhaneh, sanat 1226, Muhammad 'Ali' (Sioyam [?] workshop, year 1226M, by Muhammad 'Ali). On the inside of the lock plate, 'karkhaneh-e sioyam 23 juz'. On the outside of the lock plate, 'Muhammad 'Ali'; 'Patan' (Seringapatam); HIDR in a heart-shaped talismanic diagram (for Haidar 'Ali); and 'sanat 1226' (Mauludi). Under the breech, 'sioyam karkhaneh 4 ? 3 juz'.


Bibliographic References

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