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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The blade is made from a rectangular sectioned bar of steel that becomes single edged about a third of the way down the blade, the upper part being punched on all the faces with tapering marks made up from short horizontal strokes. There is also a mark of a dot in a square with cusped edges. Where the blade is single edged there is a ridge, offset about 2/3 across the blade. At the point the blade is clipped across at about 30 degrees and is slightly concave. At the hilt the blade is continued as a tapering tang to which is applied on either side alternate layers of tortoise shell and brass to build up the thickness. This grip, fitted with numerous brass rivets, is shaped with a transverse moulding on the back and has the front deeply cusped for the fingers. The hilt terminates in three radiating mouldings on the back and a pommel that might be a stylized horse like a chess knight. There is a crude knucklebow of iron of rectangular section and shape, lightly punched with crescents in a zig zag pattern on the bow. Welded to this is an upturned shellguard also punched.


Dimensions: The length of blade is 845 mm, the overall length being 1005 mm. Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.35 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Punched marks on blade.


Places Mexican ?


This sword is almost a pair with XXVIS.29 q.v. The shape of the lower part of the blade and the point ressembles a Japanese one except for being straight. These swords suggest they were made by native craftsmen copying European swords yet retaining local features. The quality of the bar steel is high.