Object Title

Sword (katti) and scabbard

Sword (katti) and scabbard



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Purchased in May 1984.

Physical Description

The blade is straight with two false reinforcements chiseled from the metal of the blade , single edged for two thirds of the length, double edged the remaining third. The reinforcements are carved straight into the blade joining in an inverted onion shape at the forte. The langet is onion shaped. The rear quillon terminates in a curve. The forward quillon is attached to the knuckle bow. The guard is barred with a central disc depicting a Hindu deity. One side of the guard is hinged so it can lie flat against the body when worn. The knuckle bow consists of four bars joining and terminating in a tiger's head. The pommel is disc shaped with a central dome terminating in a pear shaped knob. The scabbard is wood covered in green velvet, stitched with silver and orange braid down the middle of one side and around a ridge near the mouth. Remains of leather loop. The metal chape is very small.


Dimensions: The length: overall is 890 mm (35 in), The blade length: is 756 mm (29.7 in), The scabbard length: is 754 mm (33.8 in). Weight: The sword weighs 1.255 kg. The sword and scabbard weigh 1.395 kg. _

Inscriptions and Marks

Number 6 on back


Places India


Mr. Dhawade states that the hilt is of solid silver, the diety is Durga and the hilt is from Baroda (Vadodara) and the style of carving on the blade is from Jaipur. Very few swords are made in this way and it may be a Royal sword.