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Sword (nimcha)

Sword (nimcha)



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Donated by the National Museums Consortium, Nov 1992.

Physical Description

The blade is single edged for most of its length, slightly curved with a narrow fuller near the back edge and a broader fuller running down the centre. Both fullers terminate about 140 mm from the forte leaving a plain section of blade, etched on bothe sides. On one face is a cartouche with foliate decoration at both ends with the inscription Vive.Le.Roy, on the other side a sun burst, the arms of France flanked by flags over a cannon barrel, a crown and a monogram of two interlaced C's.
The quillon block, quillons and knuckle bow are of iron that show traces of etched geometric ornament, the quillons ending in horizontally grooved teardrops. The grip is of dark horn with a brass ferrule at the base and a domed brass button.


Dimensions: length: overall 1065 mm (41.9 in), Blade length: 890 mm (35 in) Weight: 765 g (1 lb 11 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the upper part of the blade is the inscription VIVE LE ROY below a monogram of two interlinks C's. On the other side is the same monogram, crowned, below which is a military trophy that includes the arms of France and below that a sun burst. On the back of the blade, from the hilt forward is a long fletched arrow.