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Sword (talwar)

Sword (talwar)



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Transferred to the BM in 1914 and returned to the Tower in 1963.

Physical Description

The blade is almost straight, single edged becoming double edged near the point with the curve of the point on the back. The two narrow fullers are borderes by punched crescents. The langets are onion shapedand the quillons are short. The knuckle bow terminates with an animal head. The quillon block and the knuckle bow are silver plated. The grip is plain. The pommel is a flat disc with a raised edge and large fluted dome.


Dimensions: The overall length 886 mm. The length of the blade is 762 mm. Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.130 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Traces of an armourers mark


Places India