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Ex Williams Collection, 1974.

Physical Description

Steel hilt with cap pommel, knuckle-guard with central baluster knop, rear quillon and single shell of scallop form, turned towards the blade. Grip of stag antler with a ferrule towards the blade.

Short slightly curved, broad single-edged blade, with two fullers - a narrow one near the back and a very narrow one adjacent. The broader fullers are inscribed, on the outside, 'IOHANNES DELL (recte Bell)' and, on the inside, 'FECIT LONDON' (the Ns reversed).

The cap pommel and the upper half of the knuckle-guard, from the baluster knop, are modern replacements; the two pieces of the knuckle-guard are held together by a peg (all this revealed when sword was cleaned in April 1975).


Dimensions: Overall length: 540 mm, blade length: 405 mm Weight: 1 lb 11 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On the blade, (WHICH SIDE?), stamped: a woman's head (maidenhead) (used by John Bell - see below), and inscriptions as above.



DELL is a poor stamp of BELL. John Bell is recorded as having the mark of a maidenhead from 7 August 1632, which he resigned 25 September 1668 (C. Welch, 'History of the Cutlers' Company of London and of the minor cutlery crafts', 2 vols, London, 1916 and 1923, II, p. 35).
IX.1391 has a blade by the same maker.