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Ex Renkin collection. Acquired 1967

Physical Description

Steel bow of rectangular section with bull's head mark set into fore-end of stock and attached by steel bridle which also holds a stirrup in position. The bridle fits over brass plates either side of the stock and is secured by steel wedges. Wooden stock fitted with brass gutter and side plates supporting the bone release nut. Below the nut the stock extends to form a left hand grip on the underside. Steel trigger plate with wide trigger bow containing cocking and set trigger. The trigger guard extends forward as a hand grip and to the rear in the form of a scrolled finial. Fixed steel backsight protected by shoulder of the cocking lever. To engage the sear the lever is elevated with the nut in position to receive the string. Beneath the cocking lever is a mark consisting of 4 arcs of a circle backing onto each other to form a rough square with a spot in the middle. Towards the butt the stock narrows and assumes a tiller shape. A bone butt cap attached by 2 large screws. For use with a windlass.


OverallLength1029 mm


Places Flanders


Compare with crossbow with bulls head mark in Metropolitan Museum, New York (14.25.1579), German, dated 1741