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Flintlock military pistol

Flintlock military pistol



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Physical Description

Lock 6ins longest dimension, single line engraved, marked BISSELL below the pan, the end of the horizontal sear protrudes through the lock plate in front of the cock, the cock is fixed by a domed steel screw, and is of swan neckform with single border line engraving, the top jaw screw is slotted only, the frizzen spring has a trefoil end and the frizzen has a forward curl at the top, the pan has no bridle.
The stock is all steel with ramshorn butt, there is a steel pricker in the butt and an engraved panel eitherside of the butt, a steel belt hook is fitted to the left side, there is a ball type trigger and an all steelramrod,
The barrel is steel, approximately 8ins long, with two stamps each a crown/crossed sceptors, in top rear of barrel.


Dimensions: Overall length: 3245mm; barrel length: 200 mm; max width: 140 mm


Serial Number None visible


.56 in

Inscriptions and Marks

R H R engraved on top rear of barrel, the stock is cracked behind the trigger.


Places Britain