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From store 1977

Physical Description

Wooden tiller, the top grooved with a channel for the arrow, the sides reinforced with iron bands from fore-end to shoulder stock where they end in finials of snake-like curved form. Underside of tiller carved for a left-hand grip. At the fore-end is a steel spike. the fore-end has been broken at some time and repaired by two extra iron bands riveted together through the sides of the tiller. iron release nut to the rear of which are lugs on either side of the tiller for the bending lever. Long curved lever trigger. Badly wormed shoulder stock, cut away on the left for a cheek rest. This may have broken at some time, or may even be a replacement, for on top of the small is a crude iron strengthening piece, and a wide iron band runs right round the small at the point where the thickness of the tiller suddenly increases and the finials of the reinforcing bands which up to there had been inlet, protrude from the surface for the rest of their length, running over the crude strengthening ring.
Wooden bow of rectangular section accompanies the tiller.


Dimensions: Tiller length: 33 in. (83.8 cm.), Bow length: 36.5 in. (92.7 cm.)


Places England


Crossbows of this type normally have powerful steel bows. The light wooden bow accompanying this piece is almost certainly a later replacement for display purposes only.