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Sword (kastane)

Sword (kastane)



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Purchased 27 March 1965.

Physical Description

The blade is slightly curved and single edged, with a ridge toward the flat back, and a short ricasso. The cast bronze hilt is made in two pieces, guard and grip. The grip has indentations for the fingers, and extends into a dragon pommel. It is decorated with panels of engraved scrolling foliage at the sides. The knuckle bow, short rear quillon and forward-curved pas d'ane all terminate in small dragon heads.


Dimensions: The overall length is 621 mm (24.5 in), the blade length being 481 mm (19 in). Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.55 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Sri Lanka

Bibliographic References

de Silva, PHDH, Catalogue of antiquities and other cultural objects from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) abroad, Colombo, National Museum, 1975, p. 149, pl. 41A