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Arrows (15)

Arrows (15)



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Old Tower Collection. Transferred to the British Museum in 1913, returned 1954.

Physical Description

Consists of a set of 15 arrows of similar length and decoration but with a variety of heads. The shafts are of bamboo with wooden nocks painted red inside. The area from the nock to below the fletchings is gilded and divided into bands coloured red and green decorated with flowers in gold. There is a long region above the head gilded and painted with pink roses. This region is toped by a band of green with gold flowers. There are three low cut fletchings, two arrows having the lowest barbs left full length forming a band of barbs at the base of the fletchings. The heads are of various patterns:
a. Two blunts, one cubical and one octagonal.
Four flat sided triangular shaped heads with cut-outs at the base corners.
Five solid armour piercing points, three of square section and two triangular.
One flat broad head.
Three conical points with eight flats.


Dimensions: Overall length of an arrow is 735 mm, the length of a head is 37 mm and the length of the fletchings are 113 mm. Weight: The weight of a blunt arrow is 0.036 kg, a triangular head being 0.034 kg.

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6 more arrows formerly on display in the Oriental gallery added 17 05 1993 NMC