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Arrows (27)

Arrows (27)



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Old Tower Collection. Transferred to the British Museum 1913, returned 1954.

Physical Description

The set comprises 27 arrows. The shafts are of bamboo with ivory nocks, the inside of the nock being painted red. The region from the nock to below the flethings being decorated with flowers on a gold ground, there being bands of dark green decorated with flowers in gold above and below. There are three fletchings in white. The heads are large broadheads with a medial ridge each side and a short socket above which is a decorative collar of brass and copper with dark bands around it. Two of the heads have long low notches cut out of the sides leaving a lozenge shaped head with protrusions near the base.


Dimensions: The length of the arrows is 750 mm, the length of the head is 70 mm and the fletchings 125 mm. Weight: The weight of each arrow is 0.040 kg.

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4 more arrows formerly diplayed in Oriental gallery added 17 05 1993 NMC