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Dagger - Quillon Dagger

Dagger - Quillon Dagger

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'from Tooley Street' (London).

Physical Description

The pommel, consisting of a strip of iron, curled away from blade is scrolled at both ends around a rivet, with a square plate over the tang button. The quillons are of similar form to the pommel but curled towards the blade, and they are also scrolled at both ends around a rivet. The tang is of rectangular section, tapering slightly towards the blade.
The blade is straight, double-edged, and of flattened diamond-section, tapering to a spear-point (the tip lacking).



BladeLength219 mm
BladeWidth at base24 mm
BladeWidth at quillons52 mm
OverallLength308 mm
OverallWeight108 g

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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A similar dagger (See G. F. Laking 'A Record of European Armour and Arms through seven centuries', Vol.III, p.6, fig.735) can be found in the Museum of London (A 1946); it was excavated 'near the Bank of England', London. A second dagger, even more similar and now, also in the Museum of London (and illustrated in G. F. Laking, 'A Record of European Armour and Arms through seven centuries', Vol.III, p.6, fig. 734) was found at London Wall (although in R. E. M. Wheeler, 'London Museum Catalogues: No. 7 Medieval Catalogue', London Museum, London, 1940, the dagger is described, p.40-41 (illus. Pl. VI, No.4) and the find-site is given as 'Queen Victoria Street', and the date is given as 'c. 1400'[p.41]). Laking, above, describes both these daggers as being 'Probably of XIVth century'.
Daggers similar to this form are depicted in the Morgan Library Picture Bible of about 1250 (formerly the 'Maciejowski Bible'), Fol. 29v and Fol. 36v, for example, the latter being very similar, in the Pierpoint Morgan Library, New York (See S. C. Cockerell and J. Plummer, 'Old Testament Miniatures', Phaidon Press Ltd., London, 1969).