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about 1720

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Purchased from Andrew Lumley (dealer), 9 November 1983.

Physical Description

The silver hilt has an octagonal pommel cap with a prominent tang button. The rectangular knuckle-guard terminates in a foliate flourish, which is pegged into the pommel cap and thickens slightly at its mid-point around which there is cast and chiselled relief decoration. . The short, straight rear quillon terminatres in an ovoid finial. The semi-circular shell, which is sharply inclined towards the blade, is supported on an oval washer which is seated between a scalloped edged washer and the quillon block (CHK AGAIN). The reeded ebony grip swells very slightly towards the pommel cap to form a vestigial pistol grip. Towards the blade, there is an octagonal ferrule, the lower edge of which is scalloped.

Radiating around the tang button are four panels of stylised foliage, cast in low relief, against a stippled background; the sides of the pommel cap are decorated with a pair of annular grooves. The mid-section of the knuckle-guard is decorated with incised foliage. The shell is cast with a medial panel of stylised foliage, flanked on either side by 3 curved, inverted reeds. The quillon block is cast with en suite decoration, the root of the knuckle-guard and rear quillon are cast with two pairs of raised annular mouldings; the rear finial is cast en suite.

The short, single-edged blade has a 38 mm (1 1/2 in) ricasso, beyond which it steps in by 3 mm (0.1 in): the blade is double-edged for the final 127 mm (5 in). Towards the back edge, on both sides, are two adjacent, narrow fullers which rise from the ricasso, that by the spine extending for 495 mm (19 1/2 in) and that nearer the centre for 444 mm (17 1/2 in).
Identified with concentric corrosion, February 2005.


Dimensions: Overall length: 673 mm (26 1/2 in), blade length: 552 mm (21 3/4 in) Weight: 460 gm (1 lb 0.6 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the hilt, on the knuckle-guard, midway between the root and the mid-point, stamped: a maker's mark comrising two upper case laters in an oval separated by a pellet, the first letter B or R, the second B, R D or P.On the blade, on both faces, in the fullers: 'ANDRIA FERARA'. One word in each fuller and both words between a pattern of 'C [reversed] III C'. The maker's name is very worn or poorly struck, but is just legible on the inner face.



The is a sketch of the maker's mark and the layout of the blade inscription on the Inv. File.