Object Title

Pommel and tang

Pommel and tang



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Physical Description

With pieces of wood removed


Places Europe


The fragments of wood were examined by Dr Allan Hall, a consultant archaeobotanist, on 27 October 2000. His findings were as follows 'slivers of wood ?from inside sword pommel: sections showed this to be a diffuse porous hardwood with some very wide (>10 cells) rays and thin-walled tracheids; the most likely timber is beech ('Fagus'), though no scalariform plates could be discerned in the vessels'.
It should be noted that these fragments are recorded in the typed inventory entry as having been 'found with the object in January 1987' and that they 'may have come from the grip' although is by no means certain. Information from Dr Hall suggests that beech is quite a rare timber to find in an archaelogical context, and that he sees very little of it. It could be possible that this is later packing for the pommel?
See also scientific analysis sheet on inventory file.