Object Title

Dagger - Quillon Dagger

Dagger - Quillon Dagger



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Found under the flooring of Crosby Hall, London

Physical Description

Eight sided pommel of brass, cast and engraved with a cobweb-like form and pierced through its longer axis to take the tang. The revised rays diverging from the centre are longer than the areas they flank. Short pierced quillons with bifurcated ends, all of brass engraved with a hatched pattern. Straight, single edged blade of which five sections are alternatively of wedge and kite shaped cross section. At the back of the section closest to the hilt is a faint, engraved floral pattern with traces of gilding. There is a small brass inlay on one face of the blade.




BladeLength305 mm
BladeWidth28 mm
OverallLength425 mm
OverallWeight255 g
QuillonsWidth67 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

an engraved foliate design with traces of gilding
the back of the section nearest the hilt
copper mark
face of blade


Places Europe


For dagger with a similar hilt arrangement, see X.689This dagger is shown in Grimshaw's Scrapbook (Armouries Library) with the caption "Ancient dagger found under the floor of Crosby Hall." Crosby Hall, a fifteenth century house in the City of London, was removed to Chelsea in 1925.

For the pommel type see a portrait of an unknown man c.1520 attrib. Bartollommeo Veneto, Museum of Fine Arts, Houstan, Texas (ex collection of Sir George Hokford, xiii 15 July 1927, lot 128). Formerly dated 1520 but figures came away during cleaning

Also the pont of Andreas Schmid of Zurich by Hans Asper dated 1538 (signed HA in monopaum) Zurich, Schw L Museum No LM3716.