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Helmet (top)

Helmet (top)



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Possibly presented by the East India Company, 1851.

Physical Description

The shull is low and hemispherical. It is fitted with a plume holder on a lotus flower dome at the apex, and has two plume holders at either side of the centre front. At the centre is a nasal with a arabesque finial at either end, attached by a small bracket with cusped terminals, and a screw. The aventail is of fine butted mail, falling to four points at the rear, and with a gap at either temple. It is decorated in a lozenge diaper with brass links. The band around the brow is decorated in gold koftgari with stylised foliage, as are the terminals of the nasal. The plume holders, dome and nasal are gilt.


Dimensions: The diameter of the skull is 190 mm, the overall height being 550 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.165 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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The decoration is so similar to that of the chahar aineh that it is likely to be the associated helmet.