Object Title

Cuirass (chahar a'ineh)

Cuirass (chahar a'ineh)



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Ownership uncertain, see AL.8. Deposited by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, 1955.

Physical Description

This cuirass is in the form of 4 rectangular plates Those for the sides of the body are cut away to fit under the wearer's arms. The rolled edges are applied and gilt as are the buckles and loops for the narrow webbing straps. The broad bands of gold koftgari are similar to that of the helmet. The linings are of crimson velvet edged with green braid.


Dimensions: The dimensions of the plates are: front 308 x 234 mm, side A 268 x 197 mm, back 308 x 235 mm, side B 267 by 197 mm. Weight: The weights of the four plates are: front 0.95 kg, side A 0.6 kg, back 0.95 kg and side B 0.6 kg.



By tradition, this armour was the property of Ranjit Singh, ruler of the Sikhs who died in 1839. The armour was almost certainly acquired in Lahore by Henry Hardinge (1785-1856) while Governor General of India, 1844-8. His descendent, Lord Hardinge of Penshurst deposited his collection in the Tower Armouries in 1955.