Object Title

Axe or mace haft (see note)

Axe or mace haft (see note)



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Found, Lanthorn Tower, room 5, January 1989.

Physical Description

The haft is of iron, with a narrow grip at the base. At the top is a flaring section, hollowed inside for a wooden core. Below that is an angular moulding and a rounded moulding, each bordered by ribs above and below, and a long, straight central section, at the base of which is a ribbed and a rounded moulding, each bordered by ribs. The grip is formed by an octagonal section, narrowing to the centre where there is an angular knop, and terminating in a bullet-headed finial. The whole surface is covered in thick silver incised with flowers on a finely punched ground.


Dimensions: overall length 55.5 cm (21.9 in) Weight: The weight of the shaft is 0.52 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks




The decoration is closely comparable to that of XXVIC.65. This object is however an end for a spear shaft, exactly the same in all respects to that on XXVIL.222.