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Ex Dr Richard Williams collection (from Typed Inventory)

Physical Description

Iron hilt, of the so-called proto-mortuary type. Spherical pommel, with button, decorated with simple chevrons. The three knuckle-guards have at their bases curved, solid shells with scalloped edges, decorated with simple chevrons, like the pommel. A pair of scroll-gurards join the main knuckle-guards to the shells at the base of the side knuckle-guards. The broad rear quillon is curved towards the blade. Ivory grip spiraly grooved and bound with copper-alloy wire twist.

Single-edged blade with short ricasso. One fuller by the back extends from the hilt, a second fuller rises a short distance from the hilt and a third fuller on the forward side extends only the length of the ricasso. Stamped on both sides, ME FECIT HOUNSLO (?).


BladeLength880 mm
SwordOverall length1044 mm
SwordWeight1135 g

Inscriptions and Marks

An arrow (?)
On blade, once each side.
makers legend
On both sides of the blade

Bibliographic References

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There are a number of swords with similar hilts. These include: a sword published by W B Redfern, ' On a Cromwellian sword', 'Connopisseur', 60, no. 238, June 1921, pp. 99-100; York Castle Museum, Timperley no. 45 (RA photo A3 1905(17a)); Wallis and Wallis sale, 25 May 1983 (Sale 284), lot 1373 (illus. in cat., Pl. 14) - photocopies on inv. file.