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Field armour

Field armour



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Purchased, Colnaghi's, 1851.

Physical Description

The close helmet rotates on the gorget. It has a two-piece visor, the upper part with sights, the lower with key-hole breaths. The skull is of one piece, and has been crudely emossed to make it match the rest of the armour. It is of about 1550. The gorget is of four plates front and rear. The back and breastplate are a pair. A cod piece (III.728) is attached to the lowest of the three fauld lames. The tassets are modern, made of one plate. Full arm defences wit bracelet couters. Fingered gauntlets with long pointed cuffs, the thumb defences attached by hinges. The leg defences are entirely 19th century. All parts have embossed borders and vertical bands, and the back and breastplate are emossed with fleurs-de-lys in the centre. All the embossing was originally bright against a black ground. The fleur-de-lys motif is repeated on the modern tassets and leg harness. The armour is accompanied by a 19th century circular shield embossed en suite.

Component parts

Inscriptions and Marks

The right couter is marked on the border with six dots, and the left also has some dots.


Places Germany