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Old Tower collection; probably Tower arsenal. First numbered when found in store, 1982.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Brass hilt comprising oval pommel on a stand and with a prominent tang-button, D-shaped knuckle-guard which spreads to form a heart-shaped stool around the blade, and very short rear quillon with drop-finial inclined towards the blade. Wire-bound grip. Curved or slightly curved, single-edged blade, with a narrow fuller almost at the back, extending for the greater part of its length.

Variations, losses, damage, etc: quillon missing; grip wire binding lacking, leather covering probably also lacking; slight nicks to blade cutting edge; hilt slightly loose on blade.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 854 mm (33 5/8 in.), Blade length: 702 mm (27 5/8 in.), Blade width, by hilt: mm (in.) Weight: g. (1 lb 13 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on inner shell, facing pommel, stamped: broad arrow over BO.On hilt: on outer shell, facing blade, engraved: GR over 2 and CLM.On hilt, on knuckle-guard, near shell, struck(?): two transverse lines (apparently deliberate but possible merely damaged).On blade, on outside, near hilt, stamped: crown over 1 (poorly cut or damaged punch).On blade, on back, near hilt, stamped: I. GILL (larger punch).


Places Britain


For this pattern of hanger generally and for other examples, see entry for IX.373, under Notes.
For general information on the maker Gill, see entry for IX.257, under Notes.
Formerly on loan to the Museum of the Welch Regiment, Cardiff Castle (latterly Loan L148; Welch Regiment no. 1953/3.