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Flintlock combination two-handed sword and gun

Flintlock combination two-handed sword and gun



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Presented by the Indian Governemnet in 1861, from the disarmament of 1859, formerly XV.54, lent to the British Museum in 1913 and returned in 1954.

Physical Description

The blade is straight and single edged for most of its length, swelling outwards towards the point, and having a broad central fuller and a narrow groove on each side. It is joined to the rest of the weapon by a simple fish splice and a rivet, to an extension of the breech tang of the barrel that carries a small rear sight. This latter is almost totally enclosed in the wood that forms the pistol like stock of the gun. The barrel proper has two large fluted knops along its length and another at the muzzle that forms the pommel of the sword. Piercing each of the knops, alongside the barrel, is a hole that carries the ramrod. The stock is of dark wood, with a checkered pistol-grip and only a short fore-end capped with iron. To the left of the barrel tang / blade bolster is an inserted piece of wood whose purpose is unknown. The gun was originally fitted with a trigger guard. The lock is a conventional Indian made pistol flint lock with a spurious signature


Dimensions: The length of the sword blade is 744 mm, the length of the barrel / hilt is 673 mm, the overall length of the weapon being 1551 mm. Weight: The weight of the weapon is 2.61 kg.


17 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Crown shaped marks on the barrel imitating European proof marks.


Bibliographic References

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