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Helmet (top)

Helmet (top)



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Presented by the East India Company, 1851.

Physical Description

This helmet is similar to XXVIA.58, but it is decorated at the rim and on the nasal with a different flower and leaf repeat pattern in gold koftgari.At the apex of the bowl is a plume tube that surmounts a bass in the shape of an inverted lotus flower, both tube and boss being fully gilded. Around the boss is a circle of floral koftgari.
The mail, of small butted links, is decorated with a pattern of rows of small diamonds in brass rings. The mail has a shallow fringe above the eyes and has a split point at the centre of the back and a point each side. It is rather damaged at the right side.
The three plumes are built up of slender black heron feathers each set on a wire joined at their bases to a wooden peg and bound with gold gimp. The lining is of red indian silk.


Dimensions: The diameter of the bowl is 180 mm, the overall height excluding the plumes is 540 mm. Weight: The weight of the helmet is 1.135 kg.


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