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Purchased from Yorkshire Museum, November 1972 (this according to inventory - the invoice on the file came from York City Council).

Physical Description

Steel basket with encrusted silver foliage decoration. Large spherical pommel and modern wooden grip with leather washers. The basket is of open form consisting of five main bars and two pairs of subsidiary bars supporting plaques. There are two forward rings below the basket, whose lines are continued in two eared bars joining the first two bars either side of the hand opening.

The blade is two edged and tapers evenly from the ricasso. It is of flat chamfered section, although now rather ground down. The ricasso has a wide groove near each edge on bothe sides and just below the ricasso are three grooves each side, the centre one being longer.

Condition: modern grip, point of blade new; Armouries workshop 1972.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1040 mm (41.25 in), Length of blade: 890 mm (35 in) Weight: 3 lb 1 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

The ricasso is marked with a crowned 'P', probably the mark of Peter Paether of Solingen and ech groove is stamped XX ANDREA XX XX FERARA XX with the running wolf mark between the inner Xs. Below this, also on each side is an orb surmounted by a two-bar cross. No particular significance can be attached to this sign.


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