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Flintlock musket (arnautka)

Flintlock musket (arnautka)



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From the Norton Hall Collection purchased with the aid of the National Art Collection Fund, 1942.

Physical Description

The smoothbore barrel is round with two mouldings and terminates in a monsters head. The surface is dark brown, shows a spiral structure and is extensively decorated with abstract silver foliage. The barrel tang is decorated in foliage with trefoil shaped leaves. The stock is of dark wood, profusely inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The foreend cap and ramrod pipes are of iron. Starting behind the tang is a strip of iron that encircles the whole fish-tailed butt and extends along the underside of the foreend to the tailpipe where it develops side pieces that wrap around the stock. The whole surface of this iron plate is extensively etched with borders and foliage. The trigger guard is spoon shaped, etched like the other furniture, with a long narrow tang ending in a coral button. The lock is of iron faintly engraved with the date 1792 on the plate.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 1186 mm, the overall length of the gun is 1520 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 3.62 kg.


16 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

Dated 1792.


Places Balkans